Welcome! This is a complete, comprehensive course for the SAT, the college admissions test administered and published by Collegeboard, covering all the sections of the test, Evidence-based Reading, Writing and Language, and Math. As a comprehensive course, if completed from beginning to end, a student should be fully prepared for the test by the time they finish the last lecture. No prior knowledge of the SAT is needed. So, students can jump right in and get started in this course. The course will cover strategies to make the test easier, improve pacing, and deal with difficult questions. Included are techniques for reading the passages, recognizing typically right and typically wrong answers, identifying question types, planning pacing, how to guess intelligently and use POE (Process of Elimination) and understanding the structure and scoring schemes of the different sections. It will also cover subject area concepts like Geometry and Algebra concepts, grammar rules, types of Reading passages and vocabulary. The course uses a variety of resources to help students learn: handouts, quizzes, video lectures, and worksheets. The handouts and worksheets are available as pdf downloads, as well. There is a lot of content in the course but it’s designed so a student can do the sections in any order and work at his or her own pace.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who will be taking the SAT and may be at the beginning or towards the beginning of their test prep