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  • Master iGCSE Chemistry, GCSE Chemistry, AP Chemistry
  • Master Chemistry for students aged 14-16 in Year 10-11 (Grade 9-10)
  • Master the fundamentals of Chemistry

Do you need help learning IGCSE Chemistry, GCSE Chemistry, AP Chemistry (or similar courses) from home? This course will give students the skills they need to feel confident for their exams. All concepts are explained in the clearest and most concise manner to ensure that you have the best opportunity to do well in your exams. Importantly, this course also prepares you to study beyond iGCSE level.

Full syllabus coverage details are available in a downloadable file for iGCSE Cambridge/Edexcel/AQA, GCSE Edexcel/AQA, and O level Cambridge.

This course (Part 1 of 4) covers all of the material studied in iGCSE Chemistry and GCSE Chemistry courses in the topics of Particles and Mixtures, and Atomic Structure, Bonding, and Structure. These are normally the first two topics covered in (i)GCSE courses by schools in year 10 (Grade 9, ages 14/15). The material is also relevant for most GCSE courses. It is designed for students who are currently in years 10/11 (Grade 9/10, ages 14-16) and revising the material covered in their school lessons. It would also be useful for those students entering A level, or IBDP courses in chemistry who require a firm grounding before embarking on these more advanced qualifications. The material covered in this topic is also covered in most American and Canadian syllabuses in grade 10 chemistry/science (ages 15/16).

As soon as students sign up for this IGCSE Chemistry and GCSE Chemistry masterclass they will receive access to:

  1. NEW and updated IGCSE chem & GCSE chem video lessons for each section of the course.
  2. FREE digital IGCSE chem resources, summary sheets and practice questions (with model answers provided).
  3. FULL EXAM QUESTION WALKTHROUGHS of past exam papers to help you learn the best exam writing strategies.
  4. FREE topic-specific IGCSE chemistry past exam paper questions and mark schemes.

This IGCSE chemistry (O Level) masterclass is offered by IGCSEprep on Udemy. This masterclass covers all the content needed to write the IGCSE chemistry exams offered by Pearson Edexcel (double or triple) or Cambridge CIE (core or extended) or other exam boards like Oxford AQA.

Who this course is for:

  • IGCSE and GCSE students studying double/triple award chemistry or courses for the similar age range