GCSE Maths Revision for Grades 7-9 Algebra Topics is for anyone studying GCSE or IGCSE Maths:

Is your child studying for their GCSE Higher Tier qualification in Mathematics?

Are they entered for the International GCSE Maths Higher Tier examination?

Want them revise and master all algebra topics in preparation for your GCSE / IGCSE examinations this summer?

Are you an adult resitting your GCSE in order to access higher education?

Want to cover the concepts that will push their grade up to a 7, 8 or 9?

This course covers all the number content in GCSE Maths.

The course is suitable for all major exam boards, including Edexcel, OCR and AQA.

The main sections of the course are:

– Algebraic Manipulation and Formulae- we learn how to expand triple brackets and arrange a variety of formulae in order to change the subject including when the subject appears twice.

– Factorising Quadratics – we learn how to factorise quadratic expressions into two brackets including using the difference of two squares and by first taking an initial factor out.

– Solving Quadratic Equations – we learn how to solve a quadratic equation by using the methods of factorising and the quadratic formula.

– Completing the Square – we learn complete the square method and link this to solving quadratic equations.

– Algebraic Fractions – we learn to work with algebraic fractions by multiplying, dividing, adding and subtracting algebraic fractions as well as learning to simplify using factorisation.

– Solving Equations involving Fractions – we learn to solve both linear equations and quadratic equations that initially present fractions.

– Simultaneous Equations – we focus on solving a quadratic equation and linear equation simultaneously.

– Equations of Straight Lines – we learn to find the gradient of a line and the equation of a straight line using a diagram and separately 2 coordinates. We also discuss problems involving parallel gradients and perpendicular gradients.

– Arithmetic Sequences and Series – we recap how to find the nth term of an arithmetic sequence and learn find the sum of a finite arithmetic series using the sum formula.

– Calculus (Differentiation) – we learn the steps to differentiate and create the gradient equation for any polynomial. We also discuss problems involving tangents and normals to curves, stationary and turning points and the application of calculus to kinematics.

– Functions – we learn how to use inputs and outputs with various functions. We also learn how to find the inverse of a function and how to create composite functions.

– Algebraic Proof – we learn to work with algebraic expressions to prove certain statements and identities.

– Transformations of Graphs – we learn to recognise graphs of quadratics, cubics, reciprocals, exponentials, circles and trigonometric functions. We learn how translation and stretching transformation standard functions and their graphs.